Bring Your Garden Inside

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Growing your own plants and vegetables is a fun way to get outside and active. Many people find it very relaxing and a time for themselves where they can get away from the stresses of their busy life and work. Others find that eating vegetables they have grown themselves fresh is not only very satisfying […]

The Importance of Hydroponic Nutrients

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When it comes to hydroponic growing, one of the most important aspects, not to be missed is the nutrient solutions that are used. It is important to ensure that you purchase high quality nutrients, even if you have budgeted on other hydroponics items – as these are the main thing in which enable people to […]

How to Prepare Chillies

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Both the seeds and flesh of a chilli can be eaten however cooking chillies does not in any way reduce the intensity of capsaicin, the only way to reduce their heat it to remove the seeds. When preparing chillies you should slit them lengthways and with the tip of a knife remove their seeds and […]

London Stone: Leading Suppliers of Quality Coping Stones

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Coping stones are the stones placed on top of walls; not only do they look good and provide the perfect finishing touches, but they also prevent water from damaging brickwork and so much more, making them more important than many think. Gone are the days that people build walls and leave them, coping stones are […]

Top tips for spring house sales

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Last year we saw excellent house sales throughout the UK and the home sale forecast for the future, especially spring, is looking incredibly positive. In 2015 almost half of buyers were looking to upsize their properties, whilst taking full advantage of the price-gap between the Capital and the rest of the country. But what does […]

Make Sure of Energy Efficient Boiler Installation

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A new boiler is a costly investment so it pays to get the most professional, experienced and skilled company in to install it. This will ensure trouble-free usage. According to the Energy Saving Trust, if you have gas central heating, your boiler is going to be responsible for more than 60 per cent of your […]

Five vital things for plant growth

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When it comes to plant growth, especially when looking for maximum results – there are five key things that need to be considered. These are light, carbon dioxide, oxygen, water and last but not least nutrients. An intro to each… Light: In order for plants to carry out the photosynthesis process they need light. But […]